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Kakopetria Kakopetria

Hotel and Leisure Centre Inspections in Kakopetria

The wider area of Kakopetria-Solias has evolved over the years into a popular winter destination, contributing to the development of the community, making it one of the most vibrant and growing mountain resorts in Cyprus.

As a result, the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) has included the region in its priorities for inspection purposes and to ensure the smooth operation of accommodation and food businesses under the relevant legislation. Specifically, CTO officials took an on-site visit to the area accompanied by police and firemen who inspected the areas licensed hotels and leisure centres.

During the inspections, recommendations and suggestions were made to the operators of the premises for improvement and upgrading, to provide optimal facilities and services to the public. Going forward, Cyprus’ mountain regions are to be developed with the aim to turn them into ideal safe family destinations.