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Rothenberg Rothenberg

Ayia Napa to Host 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Ayia Napa has been chosen as one of the 400 cities in the world to host the 100 Thousand Poets for Change event, featuring poetry readings, music and dance concerts, art exhibits, activism workshops and street demonstrations.

Aiming to bring to light global issues such as peace, racism, gender inequality and poverty, the inception of the idea belongs to the American poet and activist Michael Rothenberg.

In 2011, Rothenberg together with his partner Terri Carrion co-founded a global poetry and arts movement with an emphasis on peace, justice, sustainability and education, aiming to assist poets and artists around the world in organising and planning events in their local communities, which promote social, environmental, and political change.

Taking place on September 30, at Ayia Napa Municipality the event will see a high number of Cypriot poets and academics participating.