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Environmental Protection and Resource Management

On the basis of the results of a survey carried out by the Statistical Service, the total expenditure for environmental protection and resource management activities in the public sector in 2015 is estimated at EUR109 million, which corresponds to 0.61 percent of the GDP, compared to 0.46 percent of the GDP in 2014.

In 2015, the total current expenditure reached EUR58.7 million while investment expenditure amounted to EUR50.3 million. Furthermore, the subsidies or transfers given by the public sector for environmental protection purposes exceeded those received by EUR25.3 million.

By environmental domain, the majority of the current and capital expenditure had been utilised to finance the monitoring, treatment and disposal of solid waste, 37.5 percent of the total expenditure, while the protection of biodiversity and landscapes used 29.4 percent and wastewater treatment 21.5 percent.