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12 Limassol-based primary schools are currently participating 12 Limassol-based primary schools are currently participating

Limassol Tourism Board Organise Safe Routes to School Workshops

Limassol Tourism Board and Stratagem Energy have been jointly organising workshops at primary schools across Limassol regarding Safe Routes to School, a programme featured within the Europe’s Civitas Destinations project that builds up an integrated approach to address mobility and tourism, and tests balanced strategies.

The project highlights the promotion and development of sustainable mobility across six European cities, notably; Limassol, Madeira (Portugal), Las Palmas (Spain), Valletta (Malta), Elba (Italy) and Rethymno (Greece).

Safe Routes to School aims to promote the use of sustainable and safe modes for students to move to and from school. The use of sustainable mobility modes ensures a safer transfer with the minimum footprint to the environment.

In the context of the workshops, students enjoyed interactive exercises and team games regarding safe transportation and had a chance to express their thoughts and worries regarding safety and sustainable mobility.

Workshops are expected to be completed by May 2018 and it is expected that more than 800 students will have the opportunity to participate.