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The architect’s design of Eleftheria Square once complete The architect’s design of Eleftheria Square once complete

Work on Eleftheria Square is Speeding Up

Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) has welcomed the progress made in the reconstruction of Eleftheria Square, a project, it noted, expected to radically improve the capital city’s aesthetic.

A recent NCCI announcement said that after its officials were briefed by both the relevant body within Nicosia Municipality and visited the site, the chamber determined work had speeded up over recent months.

“The Municipality [of Nicosia] has set tight internal schedules which a scientific monitoring unit checks every day to ensure that any problems that come up can be immediately resolved in cooperation with the project’s architect,” the announcement noted.

NCCI also revealed the access point linking Old Nicosia to the newer part of the city would be ready within January, 2018.